Sunday, 3 January 2016

My Passion for the Profession

 I decided to become a Doctor in Osteopathy for many reasons. The science behind osteopathic medicine has always amazed me. The fact that it encompasses all aspects of the body and is not a band aide solution is the reason this practice has reached out to me. Although I am already a Doctor of Medicine (MD), my background in sports medicine and the injuries I have attained while growing up helps me understand how osteopathic medicine is so beneficial to each individual. I grew up playing every sport in the book. I was apart of school and provincial teams. This means that I experience and saw other people experience many muscular-skeletal injuries that would effect the quality of performance in our sports. As I grew older and entered the industry of medicine, I realized that the techniques of osteopathy were one of the best ways to heal new and old injuries that I had. I was able to share this information with family, friends and colleagues and was able to witness them getting better and follow their progress to better health. Furthermore, I understood that not only was osteopathy amazing for healing injuries, but it was even better for preventing injuries and diseases to begin with. As a doctor in medicine who aspires to become a family physician one day, my primary focus is to educate my patients on how to prevent diseases and injuries. This would help my patient in maintaining a healier and balanced life style, which in turn would increase life expectancy and increase quality of life as well. The practice of osteopathic medicine directly correlates with my passion as it can be used on the level of primary and preventative health care. Osteopathic medicine also encompasses the idea of upstream thinking. This means that we should be investing wisely for our future and focusing on what can be done to keep people free of disease processes. All of these factors combined is what describes the morals and values that I have been raised with and want to continue to hold forward when practicing medicine. These are also the values that I want to pass on to the future doctor's that I may work with and train, and of course, my patients. I feel that by educating patients and using osteopathic medicine, we will be able to alter the way healthcare is funded and the amount of money used on treating acute and chronic diseases/illnesses. By practicing this way, I hope to collaboratively change the face of healthcare.

Dennis Sehgal, MD
Chief Medical Officer
National Medical Group Inc.

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